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RFIC 2018

2018 RFIC Program Book

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RFIC 2017

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RFIC 2016

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RFIC 2015

2015 RFIC Program Book

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Bell Labs wins the Industry Best Paper Award for their paper “16-Element W-Band Phased Array Transceiver Chipset” and showcases the system in an elaborate setup involving extensive equipment

Shahriar Shahramian and a team from Bell Labs, the industrial research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, won the conference’s first Industry Best Paper Award and showcased the world’s first package-less, fully integrated W-Band phased array chipset for multi-gigabit wireless communication systems. With up to 10GHz of instantaneous bandwidth and EIRP >34dBm at 90GHz, this chipset is capable of establishing >5Gb/s wireless links using spectrally-efficient modulation at a distance of tens of meters. Each chipset is equipped with 4x4 transmit (or receive) phased array elements, 2x2 back-channel elements, I/Q modulators and PLL.  The SiGe BiCMOS ICs are directly flip-chipped onto an organic PCB with dual-polarization integrated antenna arrays alongside voltage regulators, microcontrollers and connectors, without the use of any interposer, package or hybrid substrate. This approach provides an exceptionally low-cost solution for deploying W-Band mesh or point-point wireless networks.




2015 RFIC Student Paper Awards:


1st place
“A 60GHz Same-Channel Full-Duplex CMOS Transceiver and Link Based on Reconfigurable Polarization-Based Antenna Cancellation” 
Tolga Dinc and Prof. Harish Krishnaswamy
Columbia University, USA




2nd place
“A Switched-Capacitor RF Front End with Embedded Programmable High Order Filtering and a+15 dBm OB-B1dB” 
Yang Xu and Prof. Peter R. Kinget
Columbia University, USA




3rd place
“A Class-C Self-Mixing-VCO Architecture with High Tuning-Range and Low Phase-Noise for mm-Wave Applications” 
Amir Hossein, Masnadi Shirazi and Prof. Sudip Shekar
University of British Columbia, Canada