Past RFIC Symposia

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RFIC 2022

2022 RFIC Program Book

25th Anniversary Presentation

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RFIC 2021

2021 RFIC Program Book

Awards Presentation


2021 3MT® Competition:

  • 1st place: Renuka Bowrothu, University of Florida, "Say Bye-Bye to Spotty Wi-Fi!"
  • 2nd place: Valentina Palazzi, University of Perugia, "Tireless Ears for Sensing Vibrations"
  • 3rd place: Ricardo Figueiredo, University of Aveiro, "In Science We Trust, But Do Scientists Trust Each Other?"
  • Audience choice: Soheil Nouri, University of Arkansas, "Let's Know Our Enemies Before We Fight Them!"
  • M/C choice: Yali Zhang, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 'Make the Connection Using Nanometer-Sized "Joints" '
  • Honorable mention: Ajibayo Adeyeye, Georgia Institute of Technology, "Let’s Play: Microwave Pong"

RFIC 2020

2020 RFIC Program Book

Award Recipients (pdf)

Dr. Thomas Byunghak Cho, Samsung
EVP Samsung Semiconductor

Is the third wave coming in CMOS RF?
Intro Video


Prof. Ali Hajimiri, Caltech
Bren Prof. of Elect. Eng. and Medical Eng., Caltech

The Flexible Future of RF
Intro Video

RFIC 2019

2019 RFIC Program Book

Award Recipients (pdf)

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"The Digital Future of RFICs"

Dr. Greg Henderson

Senior Vice President
Automotive, Communications and Aerospace & Defense
Analog Devices, Inc.

"Do the networks of the future care
about the materials of the past?"

Dr. Ir. Michael Peeters

Program Director
Connectivity+Humanized Technology



RFIC 2018

2018 RFIC Program Book

Award Recipients (pdf)

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RFIC 2017

2017 RFIC Program Book

Plenary Talk Slides
  Seizo Onoe (pdf) | Gabriel Rebeiz (pdf)


RFIC 2016

2016 RFIC Program Book

Industry Showcase 2016 | Student Paper Finalists 2016


RFIC 2015

2015 RFIC Program Book

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Bell Labs wins the Industry Best Paper Award for their paper “16-Element W-Band Phased Array Transceiver Chipset” and showcases the system in an elaborate setup involving extensive equipment

Shahriar Shahramian and a team from Bell Labs, the industrial research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, won the conference’s first Industry Best Paper Award and showcased the world’s first package-less, fully integrated W-Band phased array chipset for multi-gigabit wireless communication systems. With up to 10GHz of instantaneous bandwidth and EIRP >34dBm at 90GHz, this chipset is capable of establishing >5Gb/s wireless links using spectrally-efficient modulation at a distance of tens of meters. Each chipset is equipped with 4x4 transmit (or receive) phased array elements, 2x2 back-channel elements, I/Q modulators and PLL.  The SiGe BiCMOS ICs are directly flip-chipped onto an organic PCB with dual-polarization integrated antenna arrays alongside voltage regulators, microcontrollers and connectors, without the use of any interposer, package or hybrid substrate. This approach provides an exceptionally low-cost solution for deploying W-Band mesh or point-point wireless networks.




2015 RFIC Student Paper Awards:


1st place
“A 60GHz Same-Channel Full-Duplex CMOS Transceiver and Link Based on Reconfigurable Polarization-Based Antenna Cancellation” 
Tolga Dinc and Prof. Harish Krishnaswamy
Columbia University, USA




2nd place
“A Switched-Capacitor RF Front End with Embedded Programmable High Order Filtering and a+15 dBm OB-B1dB” 
Yang Xu and Prof. Peter R. Kinget
Columbia University, USA




3rd place
“A Class-C Self-Mixing-VCO Architecture with High Tuning-Range and Low Phase-Noise for mm-Wave Applications” 
Amir Hossein, Masnadi Shirazi and Prof. Sudip Shekar
University of British Columbia, Canada