Author Checklist

Author Checklist:

    1. Use the most recent paper template on to write your paper, following all guidelines in the template.  
        Paper Template | LaTeX Template
    2. Write a paper exclusively for the RFIC Symposium, on a topic set forth in the RFIC Call for Papers. Make sure you carefully review the Call for Papers Technical Areas before deciding on the topic area(s) for submission.
        RFIC Call for Papers
    3. Plan ahead in order to obtain the necessary clearances from your organization by the January submission deadline.
    4. Make sure that your paper is properly blinded, following the RFIC double blind instructions carefully to remove any references to the authors (check the figures and pictures for logos!). Here is the link:
        Double Blind Instructions
    5. Convert the paper to a 4-page US letter (8.5"x11") PDF, less than 2 MB, and embed all fonts.
    6. Write an abstract for submission (description of the subject, its importance, and how the work contributes to the field). The abstract is limited to 150 words. 
    7. Sign up on the RFIC submission site and fill out all forms.  
        Paper Submission Site
    8. Submit your paper PDF via the RFIC paper submission portal before midnight on the deadline displayed on
    9. Receive immediate verification by email that your paper was submitted.


    1. Paper Submissions are due by 23:59 Hawaii Standard Time on the date listed on
    2. Authors should clearly explain why their work is significant and relevant to their selected RFIC topic area.
    3. High quality die photos and comparison tables (if applicable), are highly recommended.
    4. The Author Instructions cover further details on submitting a paper for review. 

    Accepted Paper Checklist:

    1. Unblind your final manuscript to include author names, affiliations, acknowledgments and references. Unblind figures and pictures as needed.
    2. Submit all forms and files with your final PDF by the final manuscript deadline posted on
    3. Register for RFIC and obtain housing, via the IMS website. (Housing fills quickly.)
    4. Make sure you obtain a VISA well in advance if required for your travel.
    5. Prepare slides using the template for the upcoming RFIC Symposium.
    6. Submit slides to your session chair by the slide deadline.