RFIC Best Student Paper Awards


Author(s), University

Paper Title



Mohammadreza Abbasi, Wooram Lee
Pennsylvania State University, USA

A D-Band Calibration-Free Passive 360° Phase Shifter with 1.2° RMS Phase Error in 45nm RFSOI


Ghazal Movaghar, Viviana Arrunategui, Junqian Liu, Aaron Maharry, Clint Schow, James F. Buckwalter
University of California Santa Barbara, USA

A 112-Gbps, 0.73-pJ/Bit Fully-Integrated O-Band I-Q Optical Receiver in a 45-nm CMOS SOI Photonic Process


Senne Gielen1,Yang Zhang2, Mark Ingels2, Patrick Reynaert1
1KU Leuven, Belgium, 2imec, Belgium

A D-Band 20.4dBm OP1dB Transformer-Based Power Amplifier with 23.6% PAE in a 250-nm InP HBT Technology



C. Yang, S. Su, M. S. Chen
University of Southern California, USA

A Millimeter-Wave Mixer-First Receiver with Non-Uniform Time-Approximation Filter Achieving >45-dB Blocker Rejection


E. Zolkov, N. Ginzberg, E. Cohen
Technion Institute of Technology, Israel

An Integrated Reconfigurable SAW-Less Quadrature Balanced N-Path Transceiver for Frequency-Division and Half Duplex Wireless


P. Porsandeh Khial, S. Nooshabadi,  A. Fikes,  A. Hajimiri
California Institute of Technology, USA

Multi-beam, Scalable 28 GHz Relay Array with Frequency and Spatial Division Multiple Access Using Passive, High-Order N-Path Filters



Muhammad Ibrahim Wasiq Khan1, Jongchan Woo1, Xiang Yi1, Mohamed I. Ibrahim1, Rabia Tugce Yazicigil2, Anantha Chandrakasan1, Ruonan Han1
1MIT, USA, 2Boston University, USA

A 0.31THz CMOS Uniform Circular Antenna Array Enabling Generation-Detection of Waves with Orbital-Angular Momentum


Naga Sasikanth Mannem, Tzu‑Yuan Huang, Elham Erfani, Sensen Li, Hua Wang
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

A Mm-Wave Transmitter MIMO with Constellation Decomposition Array (CDA) for Keyless Physically Secured High-Throughput Links 


Xiaoteng Zhao, Yong Chen, Lin Wang, Pui‑In Mak, Franco Maloberti, Rui P. Martins
University of Macau, China

A Sub-0.25pJ-bit 47.6-to-58.8Gb-s Reference-Less FD-Less Single-Loop PAM-4 Bang-Bang CDR with a Deliberately-Current-Mismatch Frequency Acquisition Technique in 28nm CMOS 

Gaofeng Jin1, Fei Feng1, Xiang Gao1, Wen Chen2, Yiyang Shu2, Xun Luo2
1Zhejiang University, China, 2UESTC, China

A 3.3-4.5GHz Fractional-N Sampling PLL with A Merged Constant Slope DTC and Sampling PD in 40nm CMOS 



Han Hao, Lin Du, Andrew G. Richardson, Timothy H. Lucas, Mark G. Allen,
Jan Van der Spiegel, and Firooz Aflatouni
University of Pennsylvania, USA

A Hybrid-Integrated Artificial Mechanoreceptor in 180nm CMOS


Ali Binaie1, Sohail Ahasan1, Armagan Dascurcu1, Mahmood Baraani Dastjerdi1, Robin Garg2, Manoj Johnson2, Arman Galioglu1, Arun Natarajan2, and Harish Krishnaswamy1
1Columbia University, USA; 2Oregon State University, USA

A Scalable 60GHz 4-Element MIMO Transmitter with a Frequency-Domain-Multiplexing Single-Wire Interface and Harmonic-Rejection-Based De-Multiplexing


Rundao Lu, Christine Weston, Daniel Weyer, Fred Buhler and Michael P. Flynn 
University of Michigan, USA

A 16-Element Fully Integrated 28GHz Digital Beamformer with In-Package 4×4 Patch Antenna Array and 64 Continuous-Time Band-Pass Delta-Sigma Sub-ADCs



Y. Wang, R. Wu, J. Pang, D. You, A. Fadila, R. Saengchan, X. Fu, D. Matsumoto, T. Nakamura, R. Kubozoe, M. Kawabuchi, B. Liu, H. Zhang, J. Qiu, H. Liu, W. Deng, N. Oshima, K. Motoi, S. Hori, K. Kunihiro, T. Kaneko, A. Shirane, and K. Okada
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

A 39GHz 64-Element Phased-Array CMOS Transceiver with Built-in Calibration for Large-Array 5G NR


Li-Xuan Chuo, Yejoong Kim, Nikolaos Chiotellis, Makoto Yasuda, Satoru Miyoshi, Masaru Kawaminami, Anthony Grbic, David Wentzloff, Hun-Seok Kim, and David Blaauw
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

A 4×4×4-mm3 Fully Integrated Sensor-to-Sensor Radio using Carrier Frequency Interlocking IF Receiver with -94 dBm Sensitivity


Vijaya Kumar Purushothaman, Eric Klumperink, Berta Trullas Clavera, and Bram Nauta
University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

A Sub-mW All-Passive RF Front End with Implicit Capacitive Stacking Achieving 13 dB Gain, 5 dB NF and +25 dBm OOB-IIP3



Aravind Nagulu and Prof. Harish Krishnaswamy
Columbia University, New York, NY 

Fully-Integrated Non-Magnetic 180nm SOI Circulator with >1W P1dB, >+50dBm IIP3 and High Isolation Across 1.85 VSWR


Sensen Li and Prof. Hua Wang
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 

A 28GHz Packaged Chireix Transmitter with Direct On-Antenna Outphasing Load Modulation Achieving 56%/38% PA Efficiency at Peak/6dB Back-Off Output Power


Matthew Bajor and Prof. Peter Kinget
Columbia University, New York, NY

An 8-Element, 1-3GHz Direct Space-to-Information Converter for Rapid, Compressive-Sampling Direction-of-Arrival Finding Utilizing Pseudo-Random Antenna-Weight Modulation



Mohammadreza Mehrpoo and Prof. Leo de Vreede
Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands

A Wideband Linear Direct Digital RF Modulator using Harmonic Rejection and I/Q-Interleaving RF DACs


Zhi Hu and Prof. Ruonan Han
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Fully-Scalable 2D THz Radiating Array: A 42- Element Source in 130-nm SiGe with 80-µW Total Radiated Power at 1.01 THz


Marco Vigilante and Prof. Patrick Reynaert
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

A 29-to-57GHz AM-PM Compensated Class-AB Power Amplifier for 5G Phased Arrays in 0.9V 28nm Bulk CMOS



Voravit Vorapipat and Prof. Peter Asbeck
University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA 

A Wideband Voltage Mode Doherty Power Amplifier 


Min-Yu Huang and Prof. Hua Wang 
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA

A 5GHz All-Passive Negative Feedback Network for RF Front-End Self-Steering Beam-Forming with Zero DC Power Consumption 


Dongyi Liao and Prof. Fa Foster Dai 
Auburn University, Auburn, AL 

An 802.11 a/b/g/n Digital Fractional-N PLL with Automatic TDC Linearity Calibration for Spur Cancellation 



Tolga Dinc and Prof. Harish Krishnaswamy
Columbia University, New York, NY 

A 60 GHz same-channel full-duplex CMOS transceiver and link based on reconfigurable polarization-based antenna cancellation


Yang Xu and Prof. Peter R. Kinget 
Columbia University, New York, NY 

A Switched-Capacitor RF Front End with Embedded Programmable High Order Filtering and a +15dBm OB-B1dB 


Amir Hossein Masnadi Shirazi and 
Prof. Sudip Shekar 
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 

A Class-C Self-Mixing-VCO Architecture with High Tuning- Range and Low Phase-Noise for mm-Wave Applications 



Song Hu and Prof. Hua Wang
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA

A +27.3dBm Transformer-Based Digital Doherty Polar Power Amplifier Fully Integrated in Bulk CMOS


Hajir Hedayati and Prof. Kamran Entesari
AMSC, Texas A&M University

A +1.8 dB NF Blocker-Filtering Noise-Canceling Wideband Receiver with Shared TIA in 40nm CMOS


Venumadhav Bhagavatula and Prof. J. C. Rudell
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

A Compact 24-54 GHz CMOS Band-pass Distributed Amplifier for High Fractional Bandwidth Signal Amplification