Soli: Radar for Intelligent Human-Computer Interactions

Soli is a full-stack radar system that understands user context and intent for new touchless, non-verbal human-computer interactions. We discuss Soli’s development and production path, from concept to integration into consumer devices. We highlight the tightly intertwined co-design of core radar technology, algorithms, and interaction design, driven by requirements for ubiquitous and scalable human sensing technology. We also discuss technical challenges in integrating Soli radar into consumer devices, including chip size and placement, power consumption, and interference. We discuss how our cross-disciplinary approaches to these challenges ultimately enabled Soli to successfully ship in phones and home devices. Finally, we share future-looking directions and novel applications for radar in consumer devices and environments. We conclude with a vision of how radar can revolutionize the way humans interact with technology, ultimately enabling the world around us to be more in tune with our intentions and helpful in our everyday lives.