Glass-Based Stitch-Chip Technologies and Advanced Packaging for mm-Wave HI

In recent years, the field of advanced packaging has taken center stage as the semiconductor industry pursues ever more energy efficient, high-performance, and low-cost electronic systems. While the field of advanced packaging is undergoing revolutionary technology advances today, there is little doubt that packaging in the new era of Moore’s Law will offer extreme levels of die integration/bonding and begin to blur the boundary between on- and off-chip connectivity (especially in 3D architectures) due to ever denser physical I/O interfaces/bonds. In this talk, a glass-based stitch-chip technology for mm-wave electronics is demonstrated. The package substrate and assembly are reported and RF/mm-wave characterization of an LNA module is performed using both wirebonding and stitch-chip interconnections. The stitch-chip technology features broadband low-loss interconnects and enables the scalability of chiplet-based integration; this represents a promising solution for future mm-wave multi-chiplet based modules. We will also discuss the exciting area of glass-panel manufacturing technologies as a platform for glass-based advanced packaging.