A 10.8–14.5GHz 8-Phase 12.5%-Duty-Cycle Non-Overlapping LO Generator with Automatic Phase-and-Duty-Cycle Calibration for 60-GHz 8-Path-Filtering Sub-Sampling Receivers

A 10.8–14.5GHz 8-phase 12.5%-duty-cycle non-overlapping LO generator is proposed for 60-GHz 8-path-filtering sub-sampling receivers. A 4-stage ring oscillator is followed by reconfigurable injection-locked-oscillator NOR gates to generate 8-phase 12.5%-duty-cycle signals featuring automatic successive phase calibration and automatic frequency-domain duty-cycle calibration. The generator prototype measures minimum phase errors of ~0.1° and maximum 4th-harmonic output power of -5dBm with >30dB improvement while consuming 77.8mW from a 1V supply.