A 4-26 Gbaud Configurable Multi-Mode Non-Uniform EOM with Improved Twin PI for High-Speed Wireline Communication Achieving 3-μs EW/EH Evaluation and 0.99-R2 Accuracy

This paper proposes a reconfigurable multi-mode eye opening monitor (EOM) with non-uniform scanning technology for on-chip high-speed links built-in self-test (BIST). It is a pioneering EOM capable of operating in three modes to rapidly obtain eye width (EW), eye height (EH), eye contour, and the color-graded eye diagram by the proposed optimization algorithms according to the requirements. The accuracy of eye diagram information is guaranteed by high-speed comparators with offset calibration, an improved 7-bit twin PI with CMOS phase combination, and the 6-bit R-2R DACs. Fabricated in a 28nm CMOS technology, a 0.005-mm² prototype can operate in 4-26 Gbaud with 7.2-14.55 mW. Compared with state-of-the-art works, the multi-mode EOM achieves competitive performance in terms of speed, accuracy, and flexibility. With a more than 0.99-R² accuracy, it only takes ~3 μs in the NSM to obtain eye width or eye height.