A 4.25GHz-8.45GHz 67%-Chirp-Fractional-Bandwidth -121.5dBc/Hz-PN@1MHz 88fs-Jitter FMCW Synthesizer with Bandwidth-Boosting and Phase-Noise-Cancellation Techniques

An FMCW frequency synthesizer features bandwidth boosting, phase-noise cancellation, digital-to-time converter (DTC) dynamic-range reduction, and fast digital controlled oscillator (DCO) look-up table (LUT) initialization scheme. The prototype measures a continuous chirp fractional bandwidth (FBW) of 67.2%, frequency tuning range (FTR) of 111%, PN of -121.5dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset from 7.25GHz, jitter of 88 fs, and 0.06ms LUT convergence time while consuming 31.7 mW, corresponding to FOMT of -204.7dB.