A Fully Integrated 400GHz OOK Transceiver with On-Chip Antenna in 90nm SiGe BiCMOS for Multi Gbps Wireless Communication

This paper demonstrates a fully integrated 400 GHz OOK transceiver in 90nm SiGe BiCMOS. The transmitter employs a PIN diode quadrupler driven by an on-chip oscillator to generate a 0.4 THz signal, which is modulated with OOK data. The receiver employs a fundamentally driven passive mixer-first architecture. The LO for this mixer is generated from two mutually locked PIN diode quadruplers, which generate sufficient power at 0.4 THz to demonstrate fundamental mixing. The transmitter has an EIRP of 17 dBm and consumes 80 mW DC power. The receiver has 25 dB noise figure, 17.3 dB conversion gain, and consumes 184 mW DC power. The transmitter achieves a data rate of 8 Gbps at 20 cm distance and 1 Gbps at 85 cm distance. The transmitter-receiver system achieves 2 Gbps at 20 cm distance. This is the first demonstration of a fully integrated multi-Gbps wireless transceiver above 300 GHz in silicon.