A 28-GHz 12-dBm IIP3 Low-Noise Amplifier Using Source-Sensed Derivative Superposition of Cascode for Full-Duplex Receivers

This paper presents a highly linear CMOS low-noise amplifier (LNA) to handle self-interference in a full-duplex array. This LNA is designed using the derivative-superposition technique and source-sensed cascode topology. The third-order intermodulation (IM3) suppression is performed by applying different biases to each of the two cascode amplifiers. By using a thick-oxide transistor for the auxiliary amplifier, it operates reliably even at high VDD of cascode. The LNA achieves noise figure (NF) of 3.3–4.3 dB, 8.6-dB peak gain, -8-dBm input 1-dB gain compression point (IP1dB) and 12-dBm third-order input intercept point (IIP3) while consuming 14-mA current from 1.8-V supply voltage. The measured results show IM3 suppression of 8 dB depending on whether the auxiliary amplifier is turned on/off for linearization.