A mm-Wave Wideband/Reconfigurable LNA Using a 3-Winding Transformer Load in 22-nm CMOS FDSOI

A mm-Wave wideband/reconfigurable LNA using a 3-winding transformer load has been implemented in 22-nm CMOS FDSOI technology for 5G applications. The proposed LNA has three stages with the first two stages utilizing a novel 3-winding transformer as a load to provide three parallel paths, one main and two auxiliary paths. The load expands the frequency band of interest in the wideband mode when the main path is active and reconfigures the LNA bandwidth in the reconfigurable mode when either of the auxiliary paths are active. The third stage acts as a buffer. The LNA shows a measured S21 by the peak gain of 32 at 30 GHz and 3-dB bandwidth of 12.6 GHz for the wideband mode and peak gains of 32.4 dB and 33.4 dB at 22 and 29 GHz for 3-dB bandwidths of 5 and 5.3 GHz for two auxiliary paths in the reconfigurable mode, respectively. The measured NF is lower than 4.5 dB for the entire frequency band and measured OP1dB and OIP3 are better than -6 dBm and 2 dBm for the entire frequency band of interest, respectively. The total power consumption of the proposed LNA is 35 mW in each mode of working, and the chip area is 1155 µm × 642 µm excluding pads.