A Radiation-Hardened by Design 15–22GHz LC-VCO Charge-Pump PLL Achieving -240dB FoM in 22nm FinFET

This works presents a 15.0–22.0 GHz radiation hardened PLL for space applications designed in a 22nm FinFET process with radiation hardening techniques for single event upset (SEU) mitigation implemented in all key blocks off the PLL. The performance tradeoffs in the VCO, PFD, and CP with regards to the proposed radiation hardening techniques are analyzed and experimentally verified with the PLL characterization yielding a jitter FoM of -240.89dB at 15GHz with -64dB spur levels and heavy ion testing performed at the Texas A&M Cyclotron validating our robust radiation hardened performance across an LET range from 10 to 70 MeV.cm²/mg.