A DC-to-18GHz High Power and Low Loss Band-Divided SP3T Switch with Reconfigurable Pole-to-Throw Network in 0.25-µm GaN

A high power and low loss band-divided single-pole three-throw (SP3T) switch is presented in this work. A reconfigurable pole-to-throw network (RPTN) is proposed to minimize insertion loss (IL). The RPTN enables the three throws to operate in different bands, with overlays to each other. Thanks to the RPTN, parasitic of off-state elements can be either bypassed or adsorbed into the filtering networks; transistor sizes in the series-shunt units can be increased to reduce resistive losses since large parasitic capacitances can be either bypassed or absorbed. Fabricated in a 0.25-µm GaN HEMT process, the SP3T shows better than 1.47 dB IL, over 14.6 dB RL, over 20 dB isolation, and 35.2-to-39.8 dBm input 0.1 dB compression point (IP0.1dB) in an ultra-wideband from DC to 18 GHz.