A 6–22GHz CMOS Phase Shifter with Integrated mm-Wave LO

In this work we propose a new architecture for a wideband phase shifter, based on upconversion and downconversion of the wideband input signal using phase-shifted mm-wave local oscillator (LO) signals. Phase shifting of the LO at a single frequency is achieved using an on-chip quadrature voltage-controlled oscillator (QVCO) and vector modulation (VM). The issue of mixer image band phase shift interference is mitigated using filtering at the mm-wave intermediate frequency (IF). The concept is demonstrated in 65nm CMOS in the design of a 6–22 GHz full 360° phase shifter using a 84 GHz LO and 62–78 GHz IF range. The phase shifter achieves phase error <1.05° and amplitude error <0.2 dB for 7-bit resolution with power consumption of 137 mW (including buffers) and core area of 0.26 mm².