Implementation Challenges and Opportunities in Beyond-5G and 6G Communication

The promise of future communication systems, be it 5G-and-beyond, 6G, or the ones that will replace them in a more distant future is to establish an evergreen landscape to promote worldwide access to information. In other words, our goal is to make the world a better place. In this pursuit, we must be sustainable. We must deliver more value while wasting less resources. This goal creates enormous challenges to overcome, but we prefer to look at them from a glass half-full perspective as opportunities to innovate. We must learn how to deliver more data while using the power and spectral resources more efficiently. This calls for a novel way to design RF communication systems, that starts from the wideband signals used to communicate to guide the design stage. This novel design approach must fully take into consideration the load, spectral, and temporal amplitude statistics that the RF systems endure during real operation. This talk will explain how to use wideband active load-pull measurements to guide RF system design and obtain the optimal power, efficiency, and linearity performance for real 5G-and-beyond systems in real operation conditions.