Radiative WPT in a Complex Environment and mm-Wave WPT

Presented in this talk are two different aspects of radiative WPT: 1) microwave WPT in a complex electromagnetic environment: a pulse-based time-reversal (TR) technique can be utilized in this case to effectively focus energy at an intended location. Comparison will be made between TR vs. conventional beamforming; 2) mm-wave WPT: an introduction of the mm-wave WPT concept and systems, followed by the recent advances reported in the literature and industry will be presented. Also presented here will be some of the recent work at Soongsil University on far-field mm-wave WPT at Ka-band, including a retrodirective beamformer based on Rotman lens, metasurface-based receiving antennas, and mm-wave-to-DC rectifiers.