Accurate Characterization and Linearization of Wideband mm-Wave Transmitters Using Advanced Non-Linear Measurement Techniques

The rapid evolution of wireless communication systems towards mm-wave frequencies and active antenna systems has driven an intense development of highly integrated wideband circuits and transceiver subsystems. Traditionally, circuit and subsystem development has relied on the assumption of idealized 50-ohm interfaces. However, the close integration between circuits, antennas and signal processing has created a need for more accurate characterization techniques, where the operation of highly integrated circuits in a complex environment under wideband excitation is needed. Based on these requirements, this presentation will review the development of advanced non-linear measurement systems for accurate characterization of transmitter components with wideband modulated signals. Special focus will be put on the digital modeling and compensation of the various impairments in the measurements and devices under test. Various application examples will be included to illustrate typical results and the potential of the characterization techniques proposed.