Advanced Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration Technologies for mm-Wave and THz Applications

In this talk, latest heterogeneous integration technologies, particularly for mm-wave and THz applications will be presented. The talk covers from BiCMOS embedded TSVs to the wafer level hetero-integration of different substrates. FEM of the complex package structure for thermal and mechanical robustness will also be studied with advanced interface contacts such as micro solder balls and Cu-pillars. Specific attention will be given to the hetero-integration technology solutions to enable full 2D array of phased array systems above 120GHz. An on-chip antenna integration for specifically sub-THz frequencies will be presented with different approaches from different foundries for high-volume and low-volume scenarios. A full comparison of full 3D integration vs 2.5D interposer base integration as well as wafer-to-wafer bonding approach to chip-to-wafer approach will be benchmarked. Lastly, a new technique of micro-transfer printing technology will also be introduced with advantages and limitations.