Superconducting Multi-Chip Module (SMCM)

Superconducting Single-Flux-Quantum-based (SFQ) digital Integrated Circuits (ICs) are a promising candidate for a high-speed and ultra-low energy dissipation computing system. Circuits based on several versions of SFQ-type logic, RQL (Reciprocal Quantum Logic), and AQFP (Adiabatic Quantum-Flux-Parametron) logic have been demonstrated with complexities reaching up to a few hundreds of thousands of gates. Packaging many superconducting ICs and performing fast and nearly lossless operations between SFQ, RQL, AQFP, and CMOS, is critical for scalable computing architecture. In this talk, I will present a micro-bump based passive Superconductive Multi-Chip Module (SMCM) which distributes information between integrated circuits utilizing impedance controlled, lossless superconducting transmission lines.