22FDX Platform and Features Optimized for Demanding RF Applications Ranging from WiFi Connectivity and mm-Wave Cellular to Auto Radar

Starting from the fundamental FDSOI technology attributes and figures of merit (FoM) we will review the usage of purpose-built device elements and BEOL stacks for application-specific circuit elements in sub-6GHz WiFi, mm-wave cellular and 80GHz auto radar use-cases. Here, we will focus on cascoded powercell circuits as case studies for device and wiring optimization. In the second portion we will review circuit related design demonstrations mainly focusing on power amplifiers (PA) and discuss the technology-design co-optimization techniques to further boost performance for the various application segments. While the focus will be on the evolution of PA devices, layout and circuits, we will also address Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) and switch devices. We will conclude with an outlook of the future evolution of FDX technology.