mm-Wave Front-End Circuits for 5G and 6G Applications Using FD-SOI

The insatiable need for higher wireless data-rates and low latencies drives wireless communication systems towards higher RF/mm-wave operating frequencies in addition to the sub-6GHz spectrum that is widely used today. However, the use of such high frequency bands results in more design challenges of front-end building blocks, including output power, noise, linearity, efficiency and so on. FD-SOI technology provides excellent RF/mm-wave performance, with high ft/fmax, lower parasitics and leakage, thus can be a workhorse for designing high-performance mm-wave systems. In this presentation we discuss several front-end circuit examples implemented in FD-SOI technology, including power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, complex impedance sensors operating in a broad frequency range from 28GHz to 140GHz, focusing on 5G and future 6G applications.