Recent Advances in High-Voltage MOSFET-Based RF Switches for Antenna Tuning Applications

Antenna tuning technique based on high-voltage (VRF > 45V), linear (IIP3 > 80dBm) RF switches became de-facto standard in modern cellular handsets, addressing the need for RF front-end reconfigurability in 4G and 5G systems. It has created a strong momentum for rapid development of high-voltage RF switches in dedicated bulk- and SOI-CMOS switch technologies. This talk provides an update on the progress and recent achievements in performance improvement of RF switch MOSFETs in bulk-CMOS and SOI-CMOS processes as well as high-voltage integrated antenna tuning switches based thereupon. Selected state-of-the-art circuit design techniques aimed at improving switching speed and other performance aspects of highly-stacked MOSFET-based switches will be demonstrated.