An E-Band FMCW Radar Receiver Achieving 38dB Cancellation for Arbitrary-Path Spillover Up to -10dBm and 5.7dB NF in 65nm CMOS

This paper presents an E-band receiver (RX) with spillover cancellation for frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radars. To reject spillover from both TX-RX coupling and undesired spatial reflections (such as bumper reflection), a spillover replication method based on frequency-delay translation through a single-sideband (SSB) modulator is introduced. To keep the RX performance immune from strong spillover, we propose an in-LNA isolated voltage-mode canceller. It provides high isolation between the RX signal chain and cancellation path, minimizing noise figure (NF) degradation. Spillover is rejected in the input voltage domain before entering the critical LNA stage and inducing current, thereby preserving the linearity. Prototyped in 65nm CMOS, the RX rejects spillover with offset frequency up to 3.6MHz and power up to -10.4dBm, while exhibiting 5.7∼7.2dB NF and -11.4dBm IP1dB across 69∼76.5GHz range.