An On-Chip Antenna-Coupled Preamplified D-Band to J-Band Total Power Radiometer Chip in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology

This paper presents a dual-path single-chip total-power radiometer front-end in 130nm SiGe HBT technology (ft/fmax of 470/650 GHz) operating across D- and J-band with a very high system RF bandwidth of up to 147GHz and minimum in-band optical NEP of 23 fF/√Hz. Each path comprises a high gain-bandwidth product 5-stage LNA followed by a broadband power detector and is driven from a separate polarization of the lens-coupled polarization-diversity on-chip slot antenna. The radiometer demonstrates an optical NETD of 0.31K for a standard integration time of 3.125 ms under assumption of no multiplicative noise present in the system with peak thermal responsivity of 55 μV/K and low LFN corner near 100 Hz.