Advances in Wide-Beam-Scanning, Low-Profile, Multi-Mode, Multi-Spectral mm-Wave Sensors

Highly-integrated RFICs, improved multi-layer printed-wiring boards (MLPWB), advanced filter topologies along with heterogeneously-integrated packaging technologies are being applied to advanced front-end sensors for communications and radar in both military and commercial applications. 5G, SATCOM and Line-of-Sight (LOS) communications in both narrow and wideband applications are rapidly advancing for various critical industries including security, autonomy and IoT. Advances in Bulk-Acoustic Wave (BAW), Surface-Acoustic Wave (SAW) and other miniaturized filter technologies is helping to increase the functionality of wide-beam-scanning phased arrays at microwave and mm-wave bands. Challenges in military and commercial applications for terrestrial, airborne, naval and space applications continue to drive technology and innovate novel multi-mode and multi-spectral solutions.