A 200-GHz Modulable Transceiver With 35-dB TX ON/OFF Isolation and 16Gb/s Code Rate for MIMO Radar in 130nm SiGe Process

A 200-GHz modulable transceiver for MIMO radar applications is presented. The transmitter consists of a ×6 amplifier multiplier chain, a mode-switchable modulator, an ON/OFF-isolation-enhanced PA, and an on-chip self-filtering folded-dipole antenna. The mode-switchable modulator provides phase and amplitude modulation capabilities, suitable for achieving waveform orthogonality in MIMO radars. PA with ON/OFF isolation enhance technology can provide high switching isolation at the saturated output. To obtain a low noise figure (NF), the receiver consists of a wideband low-noise amplifier and an I/Q down-conversion mixer. The measurement results show a peak output power of 10.3 dBm at 184 GHz, and a peak EIRP of 12 dBm with a 4-dB bandwidth from 180 to 232 GHz without lens. The receiver exhibits 24 dB conversion gain and 12 dB single sideband NF. Furthermore, phase and amplitude modulation ability is also demonstrated by a Non-Return-to-Zero signal with 35-dB ON/OFF isolation and 16 Gb/s code rate.