A 56 – 65 GHz Highly-Integrated FMCW Radar Transceiver with 7.8dB NF and 8 GHz Chirp-Bandwidth in 65-nm CMOS

This paper proposes a 56 – 65 GHz highly-integrated frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar transceiver with 7.8 dB NF and 8 GHz chirp-bandwidth. The chip contains 4-channel receiver (Rx) and 3-channel transmitter (Tx), which is fabricated in 65 nm CMOS. A 15 GHz PLL and frequency multipliers with reconfigurable capacitor arrays are employed to generate the wideband signal with an 8 GHz chirp bandwidth. The Tx delivers a maximum output power of 14.08 dBm, and the Rx achieves a 7.8 dB noise figure at 5 MHz IF and a 66 dB conversion gain. The measured phase noise is -97.5 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset in 60 GHz. And the measured best phase noise performance is -100.3 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset for a 52.4 GHz carrier. The proposed transceiver occupies 4.8 mm × 2.8 mm area including pads, and burns 610 mW power consumption.