Emerging Devices and Heterogeneous Integration for Future mm-Wave Systems

The rapid evolution of wireless communication systems demands the development of advanced technologies to support the increasing demand for high data rates, low latency and high reliability. This tutorial explores the integration of emerging devices, with a focus on Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Indium Phosphide (InP), and the use of RF interposers to enable hybrid mm-wave systems. These advanced substrates provide the connections between different device technologies, enabling the integration of GaN and InP devices within a single system. RF interposers offer enhanced thermal management, signal integrity, and electrical connectivity, thereby facilitating the coexistence of diverse devices. This tutorial discusses the advantages and challenges associated with the integration of GaN and InP devices, as well as the incorporation of RF interposers in mm-wave systems. The synergy between these emerging technologies and heterogeneous integration promises to revolutionize the design and performance of future mm-wave systems, enabling higher data rates, improved spectral efficiency, and enhanced communication capabilities for a wide range of applications, including 5G networks, satellite communication, and automotive radar systems.