CASSIOPeiA Antenna with Steering Scaled Indoor Experiments (CASSIE)

QUB will present recent results from the “CASSIOPeiA Antenna with Steering Scaled Indoor Experiments” (CASSIE) project which has recently commenced in collaboration with Satellite Applications Catapult and Imperial College London. The project aims to produce a practical demonstration of retrodirective beam steerable array which will convey wireless power in an anechoic chamber over a distance of 6.5m at 200W/m². This demonstration will be the first of its kind offering 360° retrodirective beam steering and is intended to be a proof of concept of the proposed SBSP satellite. The required beam pointing accuracy of the geostationary SBSP satellite is phenomenal, a beam pointing error of only 0.015° is enough to move the beam on earth 10km off-target. This means that the only likely viable pointing method is using a retrodirective pilot tone, rather than some form of open loop phased array beamforming.