Emerging Additive Manufacturing Technologies for mm-Wave and Sub-THz Applications

The race to develop next-generation wireless electronics is accelerating at a rapid pace. Thanks to advanced additive manufacturing technology, fast prototyping, low-entry-cost, and in-house short-run manufacturing empower millions of start-ups and companies with demanding confidentiality and accelerated innovation. We aim to build a new class of high-performance functional antennas and microwave circuits to advance the knowledge for future wireless devices. Compact and low-cost 3D-printed antennas and circuits will be delivered to circumvent the limitations of traditional manufacturing technologies. The proposed 3D antennas and microwave circuits should be easily integrated into high-speed wireless systems in a dynamic environment. The cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies advance 3D RF circuits with exceptional performance for emerging intelligent and immersive technologies, which will critically impact 5G/6G high-speed wireless devices in mm-wave and THz applications. The 3D-printed RF electronics will immediately benefit biomedical engineering, defence, space and telecommunication industries.