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The submitter AND ONLY THE SUBMITTER of the manuscript must complete the following tasks:

1. Complete the Acceptance Confirmation Form located on the Navigation Center Due February 12, 2017

Once you log into the system, go to the “View” button next to the accepted submission(s).  The Confirmation Form link is at the bottom of the page. Click on the link and complete the form.

These forms have to be manually processed by MPA and will take 48 hours after the deadline to complete.

After the Confirmation forms have been processed, you will log into the Navigation Center and go to the “View” button next to the accepted submission(s).  A list of tasks will now appear. 

2. Register for the conference – Due March 9, 2017

Registration is anticipated to open on 6 February, with the information posted on the Registration Information section of the IMS2017 website.

Please have the speaker of the paper register and give you their Registration Order ID, which is required for submitting your final paper.

3. Complete the IEEE electronic copyright form – Due March 9, 2017

The link on your Navigation Center page will take you directly to the IEEE copyright form.  Please follow the directions on the IEEE site to complete the form.  Once the form is summited, you will be redirected back to the Navigation Center.

4. Upload the final manuscript to the system – Due March 16, 2017

Log in to the Navigation Center.

REMEMBER to run your paper through IEEE Xplore, make sure the paper is complete.

Click here to get the instructions for IEEE Xplore.

Please use the file from IEEE to upload as your final paper.

The confirmation form, copyright form and registration must be complete before you will be able to upload the final paper.

If you have any problems with the final manuscript submission process, immediately contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..